Friday, 19 February 2016

Clampdown at Renderosity Forums

I was the initiator of 2 threads at the Freebies section of the Renderosity forum.  The intention was to post to Poser and Daz Studio users who were not as familiar with the Japanese language, links to freebies released by Japanese creators.  As the key idea was to post announcements of releases, discussion was discouraged, and so it became a reference resource of sorts.  The first thread was called More Japanese Freebies, and after a very long run and too many pages, I requested the administrators lock the thread, because newbies would have a hard time scrolling through all the posted links.  I started More Japanese Freebies 2, and it was rolling along to about 5 pages of posts, until Renderosity decided that they will no longer allow any posting of links to any offsite webpage, and that they will start to remove offsite links as well.  That effectively spells the end of the community service threads I started.  Personally, I will continue to receive updates via Inoreader, feedly and ChangeDetection dot com.  Unfortunately, I can no longer share updates with the rest of the Renderosity Community.

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