Thursday, 31 October 2013

Since there is no way to 100% protect digital assets

I have spent 2 days reviewing some old territory for digital asset protection, and some new strategies as well, and there truly is no 100% proof method to protect digital assets posted for internet viewing, on any web server, at any time, in any way.  

Digital image and music assets, particularly original works created expressly for use with original digital games, can be ripped in some way, no matter the method of obfuscation used.

So, to the potential rippers and hackers of my to-be-launched game, I send my greetz to ya all and expect you to kowtow to my greatness as a creator of such wonderful art and music that you need so desperately to rip, hack and pass of as your own or to make money from it for yourselves.  I pwn you all when you do that.

Friday, 25 October 2013

workaround for using Jepe's Body Jewels 3

Jepe's instructions for using his Body Jewels 3 product, do not work for Poser Pro 2014.  I propose the following amendments: Load the morphed figure.  Duplicate the morphed figure. DO NOT CONFORM duplicated to original figure.  Apply the Body Jewels MAT poses to the duplicated version.  Then, simply apply physical poses ( including any XYZ transformations ) to both figures.  They will coincide in 3D space.