Monday, 4 March 2013

Lisa, Japan version: Stand-alone independant female figure (commercial) for Poser use

Lisa, Japan version.

Stand-alone independant female figure (commercial) for Poser use, created by BO2.

私的MMB計画 - Hatsune Miku in Blender


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Meshbox: FREE Girl Slim and Boy Slim Toon People Characters!

Meshbox: FREE Girl Slim and Boy Slim Toon People Characters!:
Slim Free 3D Character for Poser and DAZ Studio
Meet Slim! Slim ™ is a free 3d character set for use with Poser and DAZ Studio.

What is Included with Slim

Chunk Base is more than just a naked guy. Chunk Base comes with the following:
  • Slim Base Male Naked Version
  • Slim Base Female Naked Version
  • Slim Base Male Clothed Version, aka Boy Slim
  • Slim Base Female Clothed Version aka Girl Slim
  • Boy Slim Sneakers
  • Girl Slim Rollerskates
  • Boy Slim Hair
  • Girl Slim Hair 1 and Hair 2
  • Boy Slim T-Shirt
  • Girl Slim Shirt
  • Boy Slim Knee Length Shorts
  • Girl Slim Cut-Offs
  • Boy Slim Skateboard

What's New with Slim

  • 1.0 Boy Slim Released!
  • 1.0 Girl Slim Released!

What Can I Do with Slim

You can make art with Slim! Slim is made available under the Toon People Friendly End User License Agreement. You can make most kinds of artwork, but there are some limitations. You can even make add-ons for Slim, that allow you to come up with your own unique look for the model! Make sure you read and understand the EULA.

Get This As a Part of Membership Club

You can get this product through Mirye Store, but we ask for two things:
  1. Be a Free Stuff Club Member. As a part of the Free Stuff Club, you'll get a newsletter from us, approximately once a week. Our newsletter contains information about new releases, and new free stuff. You can find the rules of Free Stuff Club on Mirye Software. Join also by going to your user profile and and selecting your Membership Level. It is as easy as that. See the rules for details.
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