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I am going to guess that this is some type of precursor stage application to today's 3D printter cottage industry.

uh, DUH ?!?!

Gmsh: a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities

Don't know what this is. I mean, 3D mesh generator, yes. Usefulness of 3D Art. Nope. probably industrial use.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

My nVidia driver woes (updated)

Update: The problem still exists ! Even with the earlier driver for my nVidia Card, instead of up-to-date version, my machine still has the boot-up sickness.  Hah ! I am not the only one on the internet !  This is the awful Kernel Power Event 41 which many other people have also experienced.  Microsoft do not appear to be able to resolve this for its customers, judging frmo their vague and unhelpful Knowledge Base article on the problem.

Since 09 August 2011, during which nVidia released updates for the GeForce 8600 GT card, which I am using on my 3D CG machine, and with subsequent updates to that one, my computer has been giving a lot of trouble at boot-up.

Basically, since the updates, my PC takes a very long time to process a boot into Windows 7 Home Premium, during which the monitor stays blank (dark, unlighted), and the hard disk activity light does not light up on the box, fooling anyone into thinking the system has shut down.

I found out that if I left it for 2-3 minutes, it actually continues processing and re-boots into windows, with an error message saying that Windows has recovered from an error and will notify of a solution when one is found, or something to that effect.  In fact, doing the test re-booting several times, I even observed the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH for Windows 7 !

Otherwise, the machine operates fine after it boots into OS.

I even had my usual tech guy look at it, and the only thing he could do after 1 week was to remove the nVidia card and advise me to run the machine on the embedded Intel graphics accelerator chip.  Paid him 80 bucks for his time, bah.

So, over the Halloween weekend, in which younger folk are partying while older folk like me fiddle around with hardware glitches, I uninstalled all the nVidia device drivers (latest, greatest ones, Bro).

I tried various re-installation configurations without the bluddy 3D Vision options, and PhysX options.  Boot-up trouble persisted.

Uninstalled every darn bluddy nVidia item.  Switch monitor source connection to motherboard Intel GAC plug.

Searched the nVidia website and went for the release version device driver of pre-09 August 2011.  For my GAC, this would be:

I installed it using custom installation option, and only installed the device driver, nothing else.

Re-Boot.  Re-Booting goes right through to OS, no hanging black monitor screen, no dark hard disk activity light, no longer booting-up, no blue screen of death, no re-booting.

And this is the Windows take on my working nVidia driver:

Moral of my story - device driver updates are not always the latest greatest thing to have.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

MD modeller | GIMP Plugin Registry

MD modeller | GIMP Plugin Registry

Good golly, besides the complicated instructions, is this supposeed to use GIMP for 3D visualisation or what... ??



Reminds me of the java applewt VRML viewer I used alsmot 10 years ago !

well, it's mostly battleships for this website.

ポポロンのほぅむぺぇぢ 別館

ポポロンのほぅむぺぇぢ 別館

downloads galore of anime style bishoujo etc

六角大王3D活用作例集 Chapter04 データダウンロード

六角大王3D活用作例集 Chapter04 データダウンロード

13 Living Room Shelving Solutions for Your Collections | Decorating Room

13 Living Room Shelving Solutions for Your Collections | Decorating Room

If not in Reality,. why not in Augmented Reality then... bah... I need more shelving space !!!!!

Mirye Software :: Special Vendor Categories :: E Frontier :: E Frontier Characters

Mirye Software :: Special Vendor Categories :: E Frontier :: E Frontier Characters



Zygote Body™ - The wonder of human life at your fingertips

Zygote Body™ - The wonder of human life at your fingertips

Monday, 24 October 2011

Friday, 21 October 2011

Shime / Shide folding technique

The most important item to review for English Language information on this matter, is this video on YouTube:
Of all the links I can find, this video is the most serious and probably most authoritative practical guide about folding a Shi-me ( or Shi-de still trying to find out which is the correct Kanji).

Heed the warnings in the video. One should not casually or carelessly create a Shide. This is a ritual and a ritual item for the Shinto religion.

Other less formal websites include:
Shinto Ritual in words and Pictures
This article refers to the white, zigzag-folded stripes of paper as Shi-de. I do not know (yet) what the Kanji of that is.

Elsewhere, they are referred to as Shi-Me or 注連 .

Another English Language website on Shinto motifs is here:

Design reference only

第三話:大相撲《橫綱篇》 @ OSARU'S Blog :: 隨意窩 Xuite日誌

Torii gate sacred geometry rules

Shinto Shrine Guide - Iconography, Objects, Superstitions in Japanese Shintoism

Please note for realistic modelling purposes.

Shapeways | blog: RepRap 3D Printing WITHOUT the Tyranny of Triangles... Goodbye STL?

Shapeways | blog: RepRap 3D Printing WITHOUT the Tyranny of Triangles... Goodbye STL?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

for Chinese users of Poser Poser

for Chinese users of Poser Poser

I started a Chinese language thread for discussion of Poser use, aimed primarily at Chinese newbie Poser users.

( I could have opened a thread at RuntimeDNA, where the official Poser threads are, but I am more comfortable with Renderosity).

Sequins - Bagginsbill

Sequins - Bagginsbill

Procedural shader for sequins in Poser. Quite brilliant and useful ! Freebie.

The Power of Poser and a creator's good work

Monday, 17 October 2011

Freelance Comics

Freelance Comics
using mostly Poser and/or DAZ Studio software

Fun with Bundles (DAZ3D file listing)

Fun with Bundles

A reference of files which appear in the bundles. Legit users only.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Content Paradise has a new look

Looks more like alliance partners' RuntimeDNA's aesthetics.

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Viewer for MQO files

See your 3D model rotating with transparent background, virtually on your desktop.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

REAL-f -Exceed the real-

REAL-f -Exceed the real-

DL-MARKET - ミルミル POSER mirumiru Digital Beauty book.Vol.1

DL-MARKET - ミルミル POSER mirumiru Digital Beauty book.Vol.1

Looks fabulous... but I don't know whether I would buy the book.

nomeradona ...: GALLERY

nomeradona ...: GALLERY

sublime architectural rendering

it is partly software tools

partly skill

partly artistry as well


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Kez by Kirwyn (Refresher)

Kez by Kirwyn

free female human figure for Poser 7 and later (sorry, not FAZ Studio compatible)

Dryad - tree generator: new webpage


Monday, 3 October 2011

123D Sculpt on the iPad « Ponoko – Blog

123D Sculpt on the iPad « Ponoko – Blog

My own comments: Well, I've tried doodling with various 3D mesh modelling apps - including Sculpt3D, iDough! and Sunny3D, but it's not that easy twiddling fingers in what is basically a 2D GUI. I think the next phase should be haptic input device for 3D virtual mesh modelling, example, haptic gloves, chisels, scissors,etc.