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Japanese Poser freebies !


Ohh ! Military !

A SketchUp Tool Box « Sketches of Topology

A SketchUp Tool Box « Sketches of Topology

INcluding a script for spirals or helixes (in 3D )

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Helix Creation Script for Blender

alexvaqp: scripts

PoserDirect - Freebies

PoserDirect - Freebies

I don't really know what the background to this is, but these guys were part of Vanishing Point, an on-line store of 3D CG products.

Vanishing Point then sold itself lock, stock and barrel to Renderosity, an on-line marketplace for 3D CG.

Now they have re-emerged as PoserDirect ?


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Procedurally Generated Cities: Blender -Poser or DAZ Studio

Generating cityscapes procedurally is possible inside Blender, a freeware 3D modelling and animation software.

Plugins are required, and I have spent some time mostly on trying these two:

I use Suicidator City Engine by piiichan


which runs once you open up its Blend file and type alt-P to run the associated python script.

Play with the settings and then generate you city; export as OBJ.

Then there is the variant, Blended Cities, by littleneo


which is a developmental offshoot.

I need to specify here, how to get the latter to work, because the instructions are not exactly clear.

First, look around your hard drive ( I only know about windows version folders, sorry). Find where you installed your Blender program, and then dig deeper to this folder location:


After you unzip the archive for Blended Cities, look for the file called:


Cut and paste that item into the .blender\scripts folder.

As for the rest of the contents from the unzipped archive, do nothing. Make a note that a file called BlendedCities.blend is among these unzipped content.

Load Blender.

Open the file called :


Launch the Python Scripts menu inside Blender

Scroll to Blended Cities and click

The first time the script is run, it will ask you to tell it where the Blended Cities folder is. Put in the folder location where you have the BlendedCities.blend file. That is why you needed to take notice !

An options window will show, and you may play around with the settings for your city.

Create your city, and export as OBJ.

Poser and Daz Studio can import the cityscape OBJ, so you have a cityscape !

One more point: after I export as OBJ, I open the OBJ in MeshLab (a freeware mesh editor). I delete the large plane which gets exported with the cityscape. Then I re-save. This helps keep the imported size of the city more manageable in Poser or DAZ Studio.