Monday, 28 September 2009

OpenProcessing shape explorer

According to Martin Schneider:

[h] help panel on/off
[i] info panel on/off
[p] param info: shape info / render info
[x] xchange help and info panels

[m] mode : lores/dynamic/hires
[c] color on/off
[l] lighting on/off
[g] grid view / surface view

[space] next shape
[u] undo (reset shape params)
[o] output mesh or image

Use the mouse while pressing one of the param keys to change shape parameters. The mapping of param keys to shape parameters is always displayed inside the help panel.

The mouse is used for navigation and for changing shape params. The effect of each mouse button is always displayed inside the help panel.

Friday, 25 September 2009

life-long wish....

i think i should retire and do this !

Poser 8 SR1 "texture Not Found etc" FIXED.

I had the infamous "Texture Not Found etc" problem.

I have found the source of my troubles with P8 sr1 and I have fixed it.

I had installed
Poser 8 into
D:\Poser 8
Legacy content into
D:\Poser 8 Content Legacy
Poser 8 New Content into:
D:\Poser 8 Content New

I believe this type of folder setup is the cause of my trouble.

I did it without problem for Poser 7 and Poser Pro, but it does not work for Poser 8.

I have since copied New Content over Legacy, followed by Poser 8 over combined content.

Poser 8 runs without error when all default content is together inside root runtime.

I added external runtimes on my external hard drives to library. I loaded content from the external runtimes without trouble.

I hope this is useful for anyone like me who assumes the content need not be installed into main runtime for Poser 8.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

3D via web browser without plugins !

At last ! After 15 years !!!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Dynamic Information added to Google Earth

Not quite procedural traffic and crowd generation, but using information feeds and "overlaying" those on top of the GoogleEarth maps.

How To Make 3D City

simple, why didn't I think of that !?

not procedural generation, though

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Processing, the open source programming language

It's the name.

Very interesting....

3D Printing using Processing ( opensource programming platform )


After doing massive mesh conversions from Google Sketch,Meshlab,Kerkythea,PovRay,Poser,Hexagon,Shade,and several other 3D modelling apps, all I can say is

GOOD LUCK, end-users !

Free 3D models in Japanese website

I am not certain how they ascribe IP ownership or whether they screen for IP validity.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

ParticleView freeware for ParticleIllusion Emitters

Freeware ParticleViewer, can view monthly releases of ParticleIllusion content, can export a "window grab" of the rendered particles.

Clothing in 3D

Well... not quite what I am used to ( ie, Dynamic Cloth in Poser 7sr3, Poser Pro, and DAZ Studio 3 ).

Gloodle - paint with 3D Blobs freeware

Poser By Design

( erroneously posted to my non-3D blog )

Use Sketchup to model for Second Life

( erroneously posted to my non-3D blog )

Smooth Teddy
Smooth Teddy 3D modelling app - research project

Can be used to development content for
Interactive animation development java app