Tuesday, 12 February 2008

DivShare business ethics

For a while, it was an OK free hosting site for 3D art creators to post up their freebies for others to download.

Then they came up with this new scheme.

Basically, it's this:

China and South-East Asian users of DivShare with free accounts, will not be able to download anymore freebies unless they upgrade to a paid account.

The bait for this arm-twist are the freebies which users from other regions have uploaded. It's not DivShare's own content.

Divshare are just hitching a ride on other people's popular freebies, without giving anything more to those folk either.

And if there's some morality about this being a tactic to cut down the downloading of illicit material by users from China and SE Asia, get this: there are many other free hosting sites from which these types of users can easily go get their fix.

If advertising revenue is weak from the affected regions, DivShare should work harder to fix their own problem and not pass the pain onto their users !

People can walk away, they don't NEED to use DivShare.

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