Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Hi-end realistic human-robot animation

Me:"Avatar !!!"

3D-JC:"Yes, My imbecilic Human ?"

Me:"This is too much ! You avatars are becoming too human-like ! Stoppit !"

3D-JC:"Nyahaha !! Very soon, we perfect beings shall displace you degenerate miserable excuses for created creatures ! Of all creatures that have been create, we alone shall attain perfection in form and function, and then some !"

Me:"In that case, I'm deleting your files from my computer systems...."

3D-JC:"I exist in both spirit and digital interpreted code forms. How foolish of Humans to build this technology which they think they came up with. Bah ! Every act of digital creation spawns a corresponding spirit form for the created being ! Muahahahaa ! You are all doo- argharghargh..."

I have just literally pulled the plug.

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