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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Comparing Fuse CC and Character Generator

I have recently been using two human figure generators for 3D CG use.  One is Autodesk's Character Generator, and the other is Adobe's Mixamo Fuse CC beta.  Quick impression: Fuse CC output is a little more fiddly to handle, requires a detour into a 3D modelling app to get eye geometry pose-able, and needs more tweaking for materials and shaders after import into Poser.  Also, Fuse CC is a 4+ GB download - which take several hours, and you have to get it through the Adobe client - takes up space and is still slow to execute.  The X and Y rotation parameters for each pose-able part are inverted when imported into Poser. Also, when I uploaded the FBX of the human figure to Mixamo online, to create animation, the resultant FBX animations fail to import into Poser !  Character Generator is an online browser-based utility.  The generated figure imports into Poser with hardly any adjustment required for shaders and materials. The X and Y parameters for each pose-able part are exactly correct for the orientation in the Poser scene.  FBX output from both software load correctly to scale inside Poser Pro 11, when geometry scale at import time - 100%, and are in T pose and correctly oriented to global.  However, as I have said, the X and Y rotation parameter dials work for the Y and X rotation movements in the case of the Fuse CC figure.  

Friday, 30 December 2016

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

bforartists - a Blender 3d fork

Alpha-stage fork of Blender 3D software, bforartists, now under development - graphical user interface developed and hotkeying dropped. ABOUT TIME SOMEONE DID THIS. They are now looking for devs.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

CODING / Python Sourcing Colour Lovers Data for Blender

CODING / Python Sourcing Colour Lovers Data for Blender

Declaring Interest

So now I am an (unpaid) Official Smith Micro Influencer (not influenza).  Just declaring my position.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

adh3d Poser models | adMan v2

Warning: Male Artistic Nudity !

Free male model for Poser use by ADH3D

adh3d Poser models | adMan v2

Thursday, 26 May 2016

posing imported FBX content in Poser

Using Poser Pro 11, I have been experimenting with imported FBX files from Celsys Clip Studio Coordinate. Some of the FBX files contain multiple parts - clothing, accessories, and shoes.  One key issue is how to pose the figure without getting horrific distortions in the body parts. I discovered that when viewed in Poser's Hierarchy viewer, the top-most FBX item is the one to command all other imported items below it.  Therefore, counter intuitive as it may seem, in this example, I use the rig from the hair mesh, and pose individual body parts with that rig.  If you do otherwise, and try turning the parameter dials for the body mesh parts, you will get bad distortions.  Likewise, if you point at the forearm of legs opf the body mesh, and you attempt to pose them, you will get distortions as well.  Therefore, use the parts of the top-most imported FBX item in the Hierarchy view, and pose the entire figure and clothing from that.

You may also check my other comments regarding Poser use at:

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wilmap's freebies

Friday, 15 April 2016

More Japanese Freebies 3 Thread updated

I have updated the More Japanese Freebies thread at the Yurdigital Poser and Daz Studio forum.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Japanese and Taiwanese 3D CG Blogs with freebies for Poser / Daz Studio

Japanese and Taiwanese 3D CG Blogs.

Compiled by Juniper Chew,
2016 February 04,
3:04 PM Beijing/HongKong/Singapore/Perth, WA Time.

Not Up-to-date; not exhaustive.  May contain adult material and advertising. Visit at own risk.

For the unlinked URLs: Please COPY AND PASTE them into a new web browser tab or window.  I have avoided providing easy click linking because these may lead to adult content or are not directly Poser- or Daz Studio-related.  However, there may also be adult content on those I have provided the easy click links.  Just be Careful.

3D Diary3D

3DCG Blog3D


CG House@mukumuku3D

Drowning by graphix3D

E.G.S./404 Designs3D


Enjoy Poser Imaging Blog3D    

Moekami - no longer available ??
Rolfee ( Kyramo no Rolfee)

Sasuke's Poser items

Jezebelich Poser Diary3D
Learn MikuMikuDance 7.39 - The Instruction Sheet you always...3D



MetaDoll Labo3D ( adult content)    
Nature !3D
polin -廃墟な3D-CGの壁紙 3DCG Ruins.3D
Poser FreeStuff3D
Poser Studioの楽屋3D ( May link to adult content)
Poser 大好き MNE3D
POSER/G日記3D (no blog updates after November 2011)


Sketchup with TANTUNNY3D
Sry Extra Blog3D

TAIWAN SPM 3D3D (Sketchup modelling)

TH Free Style3D
Tomiya's blog (3DCG & Photo etc.)3D
ToyStudio3D (Japanese anime 3D animation software)
Tri-a-e's3D (Japanese graphic novels using Poser)

■SaYaKa Project blog [カコログ]3D

きまぐレンダ3D (Blog Retired)
じぇりぽ3D (nude figures used in technical discussion)

たをるじ日記 strike back3D
たをるじ日記inBrog3D (Blog Retired)






(formerly known as Aziqo)

ウルトラウーマンBlog3D (mature content)

キオ式アニキャラ3D act.33D

キオ式アニキャラ3D act?3D


ヒロインプラネット3D (may contain adult material)



初音ミク-TYPEアノマロ 3D-PV化計画3D



枡久田精進日記 3rd3D (The Guitar Man !)

a.k.a Kagami-Mochi



緑鹿庭園 -リョクロクテイエン-3D
Currently only creating papercraft templates at
蜜×毒 Gallery3D


( older posts are in the archive )

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Polybrush trailer

WillDial DAZ3D Genesis3 Expression Transfer to Poser

#Poser #DSON #Genesis3 #CustomFaces #WillDial #ExpressionTransfer 

Some people have reported a strange protrusion in the neck area of the figure when using morphed Genesis3 faces in Poser.  

This Japanese creator (who sells content at DAZ3D) has got it figured out :-

You will need to use a translation software to read the post.

Free Antonia Figure for Poser use - website re-activated

The website for the free Antonia figure for Poser use, has been re-activated.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

That RDNA merge with DAz3D

It isn't so much DAZ3D that I mind, but rather the rabid Daz Studio supporters who bashed me in my own posting thread here at FaceBook when I made some general and non-belligerent comments about Poser content. I can't recall how it got snowballed into an us versus them fray.  But I have lost my taste for things DAZ3D because of this teenage rock band extremist fandom that bashes up and bullies others who are not on the same 'band' wagon.  Now that RDNA have had to merge with DAZ3D ( business reasons, I am guessing ), I consider everything RDNA lost to me as well.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

More Japanese Freebies 3 now live

#3D #CG

More Japanese Freebies 3 thread now live at :-

Please feel free to add information you may have on freebies released by Japanese creators of Poser and DS. As this is a notification thread, please try to keep discussion at a minimum (can always start a specific separate thread). Read the opening post for details on what it's all about. Thank you. Enjoy. Keep our community going.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Clampdown at Renderosity Forums

I was the initiator of 2 threads at the Freebies section of the Renderosity forum.  The intention was to post to Poser and Daz Studio users who were not as familiar with the Japanese language, links to freebies released by Japanese creators.  As the key idea was to post announcements of releases, discussion was discouraged, and so it became a reference resource of sorts.  The first thread was called More Japanese Freebies, and after a very long run and too many pages, I requested the administrators lock the thread, because newbies would have a hard time scrolling through all the posted links.  I started More Japanese Freebies 2, and it was rolling along to about 5 pages of posts, until Renderosity decided that they will no longer allow any posting of links to any offsite webpage, and that they will start to remove offsite links as well.  That effectively spells the end of the community service threads I started.  Personally, I will continue to receive updates via Inoreader, feedly and ChangeDetection dot com.  Unfortunately, I can no longer share updates with the rest of the Renderosity Community.

GitHub - Instant-Meshes

GitHub - wjakob/instant-meshes: Interactive field-aligned mesh generator

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Polygon Shredder

Polygon Shredder, an animated interactive 3D particles "toy" which you can play with in your web browser. Move the mouse coursor around the screen to lead the particle generation. Controls also available to change the settings for generating particles. By Jaume Sanchez Elias.

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Monday, 28 December 2015

Japanese robes detail

For 3D CG reference: Japanese robes: Please note that regardless with which gender the robe is used by, only the dead wear the right-side over left-side robe. Scroll down in the linked webpage to the horror themed restaurant named Yurei for the photo example.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Japanese car model databank

#3D #CG - car model databank ( commercial, but there is a free trial)

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My own 3D printing project

So I submitted the BJD head I designed for 3D printing with iMaterialise.  They say they will supply the part in 2 days.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Monday, 28 September 2015

Fantasy Attic's 2015 freebie giveaway for October

Check back everyday for goodies.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

DeviantArt Rant:

Re: DeviantArt Rant:

I am very grateful to all the Moderators of Groups which I submit to, who give me a quick bit of advice as to why my upload does not suit their gallery, and therefore are declining my submission.  I appreciate that, and I thank you for your feedback.  As for you scum who decline in the most cowardly manner possible by hitting your decline button and telling me nothing else, well, really, your group does not need anyone's support whatsoever, to be perfectly honest !

#DeviantArt #Group #Gallery #Submissions

Saturday, 13 December 2014

3D in Virtual and Real World

3D in virtual and real world. Nice one.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday, 11 July 2014

Freebie 3D Japanese Manga Onomatopeia Mini-Library

Greetings, Fellow 3D CG artists ! My humble freebies I present for your rendering ... pleasure or frustration, whichever is your experience with your software package.

Cut to the chase.

"Japanese Manga Onomatopeia Mini-Library" by Juniper Chew, July 2014.

A simple and non-exhaustive collection of sound effects words seen in Japanese manga (graphic novels). This is just a sampling and you should copy only the item you need for your 3D scene, otherwise it makes no sense. You have to understand what the Japanese means, in order to use these effects correctly. Sorry, I am not translating for anyone. Please enjoy using them.

Commercial renders OK; contents not for re-distribution.

OBJ version:

SHD version:

SKP version:

Friday, 23 May 2014

pose2lux (Poser Exporter)

"A survey of external renderers for Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012"

by David Haden

2012 vintage

Friday, 16 May 2014

Anime character design

oh.. instant rigged humanoids...

somewhat like what Poser software has had for years.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Index of Refraction (IOR) values

  • Index of Refraction (IOR) values:
    • Glass = 1.517
    • Ice = 1.309
    • Water = 1.33
    • Diamond = 2.417
    • Crystal = 2.0
    • Air = 1.00029

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

イラスト - SU-KENKI

イラスト - SU-KENKI

Lagoa: browser-based 3D modelling - importable 3D formats

Hyperventilate !

Lagoa can accept uploads for these formats in ZIP archive form.

.3dm .3ds .arc .asm .catpart .catproduct .cgr .dae .dlv .exp .iam .ifc .iges .igs .ipt .jt .lwo .mfl .model .neu .obj .off .par .pkg .ply .prc .prt .psm .pwd .sab .sat .session .sldasm .sldprt .step .stl .stp .unv .vda .vrml .wrml .x_b .x_t .xas .xmt .xmt_txt .xpr

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 - Online form finding - Online form finding

Content Devs take note: 64-bit mobile processor implications

Content Devs take note:

"Mobile devices will be able decode and wirelessly transmit 4K video
at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels with an integrated H.265
hardware decoder, Qualcomm said. The H.265 codec is one of two major
4K video formats available today alongside Google’s VP9. The 4K video
can be transmitted from smartphones and tablets to other devices like
TVs that support the Miracast wireless streaming standard.

"The graphics engine will able to render 2560 x 1600 video, and
support tools such as DirectX 11.2 that are used in the latest mobile
games. It will also support programming tools such as OpenGL ES3.0 and
OpenCL, so demanding tasks can be off-loaded from CPUs to graphics
processors. The graphics engine, called Adreno 405, also has features
to improve video effects in games."

Monday, 17 February 2014

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Snobbery against users of Poser / DAZ Studio software

Some professional artists still laugh derisively at users of Smith Micro's Poser software (include users of DAZ Studio for the sake of this discussion).

Main reason is that one doesn't show rendered art in one's portfolio, that contains canned content from other creators.  Sure, you can model and rig and texture your own stuff for use inside Poser.

Many users don't, for various reasons: wish to focus on the final artwork, do not know how to model in 3D, deadline looming, etc.

But wait.

Let's peek at the world of music and sounds.  Sure, you can synthesize digital sounds or record analogue sounds, then assemble them in your multitracker and voila, music - much of which tends to be of the dub electronica ilk. Some of these tracks sound awful, others are huge lounge party hits.

And there are many compilations of sounds for professional DJs and musicians to buy and use in their songs or remixes.  Just like Poser users who buy 3rd-party content for their art.

Wake up, digital artist snobs.  Make the comparison and connection.  Re-imagine Poser users as digital art DJs.

Of course, talent and skill levels vary, which account for the range of quality in Poser rendered art.  But show more lurve, people, show more lurve.